' t Kapelhof
Zuidlindestraat 9, 8950 Heuvelland (Nieuwkerke), West-Vlaanderen, België
Tel: 32 (0) 57/ 44 43 68,
From Ypres:

Onto  Kemmel - Nieuwkerke (Heuvelland)

in Nieuwkerke,turn left at the end of the road.
Take the 1st right into the Zuidlindestraat
(follow boards 't Wolvennest)
Keep driving till the end of the road.
The house numbers in the street don’t follow,
cause a part of it is in the Wallonie region
Hoe to reach us?
‘t Kapelhof
Zuidlindestraat 9
B-8950 Heuvelland
E-mail: info@tkapelhof.be

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